Las Vegas Fishing: Floyd Lamb Park



Fishing in the desert?

Yes, believe it or not, there are several fishing opportunities in Las Vegas right in the city. Las Vegas is home to three of the city’s fishing ponds; Sunset Park, Lorenzi Park and Floyd Lamb. The best of the three, and in my opinion the only one worth going to, has to be Floyd Lamb Park.

The Floyd Lambs Ponds are located in the northwestern part of Las Vegas. The park has four public fishing ponds, one of which is stocked all year round.

Map of the Floyd Lamb Ponds

Map of the Floyd Lamb Lake Ponds

What kind of fish can you catch in Floyd Lamb?

Only the largest pond, Tule Springs Lake, is stocked with NDOW, but all four ponds have fish. During high water, fish can get into other ponds, and there are fish that naturally breed in all ponds, not to mention the fishermen who toss fish back and forth between ponds.

Floyd Lamb has several different species including bluegills, red sunfish, green sunfish, crappies, carp and largemouth bass. Rainbow trout and channel catfish are also found here seasonally.

Bass fishing at Floyd Lamb’s

Largemouth Bass Fishing in Las Vegas

Catch and release on Floyd Lamb

Another perch I caught in Toole Springs.

Prespawn Bass in Floyd Lamb

largemouth bass

Perch fishing in city ponds

Fly-fishing for bluegills and small perch in the springs of Tula

Fat Bluegill on a fly at Floyd Lamb Pond

Tenkara Flyfishing for Bluegill

Panfish on a Tenkara rod in the springs of Thule

small perch

Fishing for carp and catfish at Floyd Lamb

Carp fishing in the pond

Catfish on senko


$6 for a day pass
$50 for an annual subscription

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Park Hours
Summer months (May-August) from 8:00 to 20:00.
Winter months (September-April) from 9:00 to 17:00.

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