Fishing for Spotted Bay Bass in Southern California


spotted bay bass

So in the middle of fishing season in Nevada and Arizona, I had to leave for a three-day business trip to Southern California – SHIT! My route ran straight through the desert to California, passing almost anything that looked like fish ponds.

The last time I traveled through the area, I spent hours on Google Maps trying to find any outback on my itinerary. As soon as I appeared in each of the places I explored, I was usually warned by several people that I would probably catch any form of hepatitis if I approached the water – HORRIBLE!

Homeless camp by a river in California
I don’t think I fish anywhere near this…

I usually throw my line in just about any water, but when you see hundreds of bums defecate in the waters you want to fish, it’s time to move on. So my last trip to the area was a total failure, so I wasn’t really looking forward to doing the same route again before the fishing season. But then I learned about a special type of perch that roams the ocean shores of Southern California.

Catching perch in the ocean? You bet your ass I did!

Fishing for Spotted Bass Bass

spotted bay bass

I love fishing for bass in just about any water I can find, so when I learned about the spotted water bass that can be found in the bays, harbors, and streams of Southern California, I was ready to go. in weirdoville. If you fish for freshwater bass and live near Southern California, I suggest giving it a try.

What gear do you need to catch spotted bay perch?

The great thing about fishing for Spotted Sand Bass or Spotted Bay Bass is that you really don’t need anything that’s different than what you use to fish small or largemouth bass in fresh water. In fact, all I took with me on the trip was one of my lures, a small tackle box filled with spinnerbaits, a pair of skirted rigs, and a couple of plastic creature lures.

Abu Garcia Rod
Packed and ready to go!

Where to find Spotted Bay Bass?

Spotted Bay Bass is one of the most popular fish in bays along the Pacific Coast of Southern California and Baja California. There are a few other types of bass – striped sand bass, laminar bass, and calico bass – but they tend to live further out in the ocean.

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If you don’t have a boat, don’t worry. These spotted bass can be easily fished from the shore, up and down the harbors of Southern California. Targeting them is like catching perch in fresh water. You want to seek shelter; look for structure in bays such as docks, piles, wharf walls, rocks, and weed beds.

Ready to catch spotted bay bass

Spotted bay bass can be fished year-round, making it a great option when things get slower during the grueling cold winter months. These are aggressive fish, so catching them is a great alternative to catching freshwater perch.

Spotted bay perch caught on a lure

sea ​​cucumber
You catch strange things in the ocean!

Fishing for sea bass

So, I’m back in time to start hitting those bass beds!

Catching perch in the beds

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