Fishing Little Reservior in the Tushar Mountains near Beaver, Utah


Fishing for rainbow trout at Little Reservoir in Utah

Little Reservoir is a small lake located about 10 miles from Beaver in Beaver County, Utah. The fishing here is pretty good, and the lake is home to both rainbow and brown trout all year round.

What bait works best on a small reservoir?

Most people fish in the lake for bait, but cocktails, hairy flies and other flies are very productive during the summer months for rainbow fish. To target larger brown fish you want to use something that matches the smaller fish in the lake.

Rooster tail
I love this particular rooster tail and have had great luck with it in the Tushar Mountains of Utah.

During the summer months, rainbow bites seem to be best in the morning, and if you’re targeting the Browns, hoping for one of the rumored monsters that live in Little Reservoir, then the best time to fish is in the early evening hours as the sun sets.

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Some of our fishing photos on a small reservoir in the Tushar mountains

Descent of the boat on the Small reservoir
Preparing to launch a boat at Little Reservoir, Utah.
Fishing on a small reservoir in Utah
Nice day of trout fishing at Little Reservoir in Utah.
Rainbow trout caught in the lake
Rainbow trout caught in the summer on the lake on a cock’s tail
Trout sushi anyone? Fresh does not happen! Yes, she lives to fight another day!

How to get to Little Reservoir near Beaver, Utah

From Beaver head east on UT-153 for 10 miles. Turn right onto Kents Lake Road (FR137) and follow it for 0.8 miles. The small reservoir will be to the right of the road.

In winter there is no road, and I saw how the road was covered with snow until May.

GPS coordinates

  • Latitude: 38° 15′ 41.0040″ N
  • Longitude: 112° 29′ 23.3916″ W

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