Best Bass Lures: The Top Go-To Bass Lures that are Guaranteed to Catch Fish


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If you’re like most bass anglers, you probably have a tackle box stacked on top of a tackle box full of hooks, lures, secret baits, and gadgets that are guaranteed to catch a fish – at least that’s what it said on the packaging when purchase. bait.

But finding the perfect perch bait can be a challenge. Ask a hundred fishermen what their favorite perch bait is and you’ll probably get a hundred different answers – ask them during pre-spawning, during the bitter winter months, or when the summer heat is almost unbearable, well, all bets are out the window.

Finding the best perch bait is part science, part personal preference, and perhaps also adding a bit of voodoo magic.

The Best Perch Lures You Need to Add to Your Tackle Box

So, which baits catch the most perch?

There are an endless variety of different hard lures, soft lures, swim lures, topwaters and brands to choose from, but if you’re looking for a lure that will catch perch after perch reliably, you need to check out some of these tried and true perch lures that will catch perch at any time of the year.

Jig n’ Pig combo with skirt

Jig n Pig for the bass

If you are looking for a goto lure that can be used all year round, there is nothing better than a skirted lure. Throw in some kind of lure trailer (sometimes called a Jig n Pig) and you’ve got an irresistible combination that’s guaranteed to deliver results.

How to fish with a jig with a skirt?

Nine times out of ten I’m going to catch them with a trailer of some kind. Skirted jigs are designed to mimic the action of crayfish, so most of the time you will be running them slowly along the bottom, periodically tossing them around rocks, logs, and other bottom water structures.

But don’t let slow and low technique keep you from experimenting. The Jig n’ Pig combo is an amazing throw and serve combo that can be thrown into dense vegetation and structure. Most of the time you will be catching bass on a fall, which makes this lure great for quick work on structure, docks and places like tulles or tight cover.

Our favorite jigs with a skirt:


Wobblers for perch fishing

There is not a single pool fisherman who does not have a variety of wobblers in his arsenal of lures for perch fishing. If you want to cover a lot of water at different depths, then crankbaits are a great search bait for casting.

How to catch wobblers:

Wobblers are damn easy to fish. The easiest method is to just run it with a slow, simple retrieval, but changing the action and adding a couple of pauses, twitches, and speeds can sometimes be what turns a slow bite into a day you’ll never forget. .

The depth of your crankbaits will depend on what you are casting, but in general they fall into three categories: Squarebills and Shallow Divers (0-6ft), Medium Divers (6-12ft) and Deep Divers which will work 12ft and deeper.

Where to fish for crankbait:

This is where most people go wrong. I see a lot of people burning their wobblers in open water; while this may catch the occasional perch, most of your hits will come when the wobbler deviates from some structure or the floor. And don’t be afraid to catch them through cover. Yes, you will be catching some snags and clearing hooks, but if you dodge cover, you are removing yourself from where perch sit.

Some of our favorite Crankbiats:

stick baits

Yum Dinger plastic perch lure

Whether Senko, Yum Dinger or some other knockoff, Plastic Stick lures are some of the most effective, versatile and deadly perch lures on the market. In my opinion, and I say this from personal experience, there is no better lure. I have caught more bass on Senkos and Yum Dingers than any other lure I use. Weightless, Texas rigged, Carolina rigged, dropshot, internally nailed, weed free, wacky, thrown into cover, you name it, plastic lures catch fish; a lot of fish!

How to catch a worm with a stickbait:

There are many different techniques, but by far the most popular and effective method of fishing with a plastic baton is to use a stupid rig and slowly lower yourself into your target zone.

When to throw senko (bait).

There is never a wrong time to fish Senko style bait; these bad boys give results year round and are one of the most versatile lures you can have in your tackle box. Read our Fishing Stickbait article to learn more about fishing techniques.

Our Favorite Stickbaits:



Spinnerbaits are another one of those baits that just about anyone can throw and have great success with even with limited experience. That being said, the more you catch them and the more familiar you are with changing your wiring and mixing activities, the more successful you will be.

How to fish with a spinnerbait?

As with a crankbait, a simple and direct retrieval is the simplest method of fishing with one of these lures. Unlike wobblers, you usually want to catch these suckers fairly quickly. You can change your depth using different weights; heavier spinnerbaits will work deeper and lighter ones just below the surface and the blades will barely break the water.

Adding some action: To mix things up and get better results, try running the Run lure into a structure such as docks, logs, rocks, or through vegetation. The chaotic movement of the bait usually helps to generate more bites. If you are fishing in deep or open water without much structure, give the lure a few sporadic tugs or short pauses to create a similar effect.

When and where to catch spinnerbaits:

They can be cast almost all year round, but I really like to cast them on days when the wind starts to pick up – these lures can be especially deadly in high winds. During the colder months, as with most lures, you’ll want to slow down the retrieve.

Our Favorite Spinnerbaits:

plastic worms

Plastic worms for perch fishing

I know we mentioned Senkos above, but I really think they are in a different category than most other plastic worms. Plastic worms can be caught with stupid rigs like Senko, but there are actually hundreds of ways to rig and fish these types of lures.

How to catch a plastic worm?

This question alone can spawn about a thousand different articles (here’s one on how to hook them up). From Texas rigged. Wacky Rigged, or Carolina Rigged for weightless options or shaky head jigs, this little plastic worm is one of the most versatile lures in your tackle box. Dedicate a couple of fishing trips with only soft plastics and I guarantee you will become a much better angler.

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When and where to catch plastic worms:

The only time I really switch things up is late fall and winter when the bass gets sluggish. Once things start to slow down, I usually start throwing all my soft plastic into zero gravity. Their slower fall makes them easier to shoot and more attractive for perch fishing in cold waters. During the coldest winter months, I will probably put on some weight, but only so that the worm can dive deep. Once it hits the bottom, it’s a slow painful process – I’ll tug it here and there, but sometimes you just get stuck more than anything else.

Our favorite worms

Topwater frogs

surface frog

You want to experience something you will never forget, then throw the surface frog into some heavy cover and hang on. There is something special about the feeling of a giant perch hitting a frog that will make you love these lures more than anything in your tackle box.

How to catch perch with frogs

As a rule, frogs are caught on grass mats, water lilies, foam, or thrown into dense cover or through tall grass. Wherever I throw it, I usually stop and let it take effect for at least a couple of seconds. Often you will have an explosion almost immediately after it hits the water. If you don’t get him to jump in the water with short, sharp, quick sideways rod strokes. I usually do three to five at a time, followed by a short pause. During these pauses, an explosion usually occurs.

Hook sets are a bit different from frogs, as you don’t want to hook the hook too quickly. It’s hard not to notice how violent the hits on the surface of the water usually are, but you want to give the perch a second or two to actually swallow that frog.

When to fish for the surface frog

I cast most of my lures from spring to autumn. In most cases, this is more of a warm weather bait.

Our Favorite Water Frogs


Bass fishing with Buzzbaits

Sometimes the baits almost seem like a scam. They are very easy to fish with and something about the action of the product just drives the perch crazy.

How to fish on Buzzbait:

These are one of the easiest lures to use for catching fish. Throw them in there and then just quickly burn them on the surface of the water. My favorite place to cast them is right over hard cover where other lures can have a hard time. This is a great way to find fish hiding in shallow water or to get lankers out of tight hiding places. One thing you want to do is add a trailer hook to your bait, otherwise you will miss a lot of fish on short bites.

When to fish on Buzzbait

Buzzbaits are another warm weather lure, I usually fish them between the spring and fall months and summer usually produces the best results.

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