Fishing The Beaver River and the Lakes and Ponds around Beaver, Utah


Beaver fishing, Utah

From bass fishing to Wiper, Trout and Catfish, Southwest Utah is a treasure trove of fishing spots, but one of my favorite places to visit is the Beaver River near Beaver, Utah.

There are two places where you can fish in the river itself; over the city of Beaver where it runs along Highway 153 and west of Beaver where you can fish on the river below Minersville Reservoir. The Beaver River is home to rainbow, brown and brook trout and is stocked multiple times throughout the year, but it also holds a ton of native fish.

River brown trout Beaver
Fishing on the Beaver River above Beaver, Utah.

Fishing on reservoirs and lakes along the Beaver River in Tushar Mountains

Rainbow trout caught in the Beaver River in Utah using a cock's tail.

Personally, I could fish the river all day and be happy, but there are times when you just want to open a beer and relax as we take John’s boat and head to one of the many small lakes. , ponds and reservoirs located just minutes from the main river on FS-137 or Kents Lake Rd.

Drink beer while fishing on the Tushar mountain lakes.

What to Expect When Fishing Rivers, Reservoirs, and Lakes in the Tushar Mountains near Beaver, Utah

Fishing small reservoir in Utah

Trout fishing at Little Reservoir near Beaver, Utah

Located approximately 12 miles east of Beaver, just off Highway 153, at an elevation of 7,359 feet. Little Reservoir is a beautiful little lake that is home to many smaller rainbow trout and some brown trout. A few brown monsters have been caught in this lake, but most of what you’ll find during the day is a lot of rainbow ones. The lake is stocked all year round and we never had a problem catching fish in the Little Reservoir.

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Fishing on the lakes of Three Kents

Cutthroat trout caught in Kents Lake, Utah.

Lake Lower Kent (Touchard)

Directly down the road from Little Reservoir at 8,658 feet is Lower Kents Lake. This lake can be hit or miss, and can get a little touristy at times, but when all is well, this lake can be a lot of fun to fish. Your most likely catches in this lake include cutthroat trout, brook trout and some tiger trout.

Kent Lake

Kents Lake, at 8,790 feet, is one of the largest lakes on Beaver Mountain. Rainbow, cutthroat, brook trout and several large tigers live in this lake.

Lake Superior Kents

About half a mile away, at 8989 feet, Upper Kent is a great place to hunt for brook, cutthroat and rainbow trout.

Shooting high-altitude lakes in the Tusharsky mountains

Trout fishing on the lake in the Tushar Mountains

The higher you climb into the Tushar Mountains east of Beaver, the weaker the lakes become!

Fishing Anderson Meadow

If you want to get away from the crowds, Anderson Meadow Reservoir is a good place to start. Anderson Meadow contains rainbow and river trout.

A word of caution, this is how roads can look like in summer (this was during a trip in May), so be aware that many of these sections may be inaccessible or blocked by snow!

Fishing Lake Lebaron

LeBaron Reservoir sits at 9,905 feet, making it the highest lake on Beaver Mountain. The lake is about 23 acres in area and reaches a depth of about 21 feet. If you’re looking for bigger fish in the Tushar Mountains, this is a great place to find big rainbow trout, river trout and arctic grayling. And for those who hate crowds, this is usually one of the least populated lakes on the mountain.

Fly fishing on the Beaver River in Utah

Fishing Lake Puffer

At 65 acres and up to 50 feet deep, Puffer Lake is the largest natural lake in Tusharah. The lake is a great place to hunt for brook trout, rainbow trout and the occasional cutthroat. Most of the lake is surrounded by private property, but there are a few places where you can launch a small boat, and once you get out on the lake, access to fishing is unlimited.

Fishing Reservoir Three streams

If you go up Highway 153, look out for FR-147; here you will find the Three Creeks Reservoir. The lake is often drained at the end of summer to provide water to local farms, but it fills up throughout the year when the reservoir is full. If you want to go fishing on this lake, the best time is from March to July.

Fishing Trade Valley Dam

Rainbow trout caught in the Beaver River near the dam

Merchant Valley Dam is next to the main road, and if you bring a couple of good waders, you are likely to find a healthy population of native fish.

Fishing at the Minersville Reservoir

West of Beaver, about 15 miles west of I-15, is Minersville Reservoir. Fishing at the Minersville Reservoir was once considered a trophy lake. Although conditions are no longer the same as they were in the 90s, when trophy trout were regularly fished in the lake, there are still fairly good-sized brown, cutthroat and tiger trout here. The lake also has wipers, Utah chub, and a decent population of smallmouth bass.

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